Upcoming Events/ Performances 2018/2019

*~ Please note, the 2019 schedule will be up the second week of February~*

This year we have the esteemed opportunity to perform at WinterJam with the Northern Irish band Rend Collective. We are dancing with them on February 7 (immediately after intermission) at the Civic Center. All super fans please wear royal blue and make lots of noise when we dance!:-)

February and March 2019 Performance Schedule
February 28 (Thursday) Salvation Army 243 Derby Street Pekin, IL
Call Time:
Dance Time: Somewhere between 6 and 8 pm.
Notes:  We do not have the time we’ll be dancing yet, and this is a 15 minute show for a dinner. Come in Leos with wigs already on please.
March 9 (Saturday) St Ann Parrish 555 18th Avenue East Moline, IL
Call Time: 5:00pm
Dance Time: 6:00p-7:00p
Notes: This venue is 1.5h away. Carpools can be arranged and they are feeding us. Open to the public.
March 16 (Saturday) Morningside/ Grand Victorian 2700 South 14th Street Pekin, IL
Call Time: 1:00pm
Dance Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm
Notes: There are cookies and punch afterwards with the residents. Please change out of your costume BEFORE eating or drinking anything besides water.
March 17 (Sunday)
1. West Dublin Pub 507 Court Street Pekin, IL
     Call Time: 11:00am
     Dance Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
     Notes: Please have wig and Leos on. We are not doing the parade this year. Open to the public.
2. St. Augustine Manor 1301 NE Glendale Avenue Peoria, IL
     Call Time:2:00
      Dance Time :2:30pm to 3:30pm
      Notes: Please come wig and Leos on ready to change and dance. We will have to go straight from Pekin to St. Augustine.
3. *Fox Pub 7800 North Sommer Street Suite 302 Peoria, IL
     Call Time: 5:00pm
     Dance Time:5:15pm-5:45pm
     Notes: We are changing OUTSIDE. Have Leos and wigs on. This performance is for advanced and intermediate dancers only however, all dancers are welcome to come and watch wearing IOE shirts and colors! This is open to the public. We may or may not go back to the West Dublin Pub with the advanced dancers and their parents to dance on the bar top. This has not been finalized and we would wear our Ceili dresses from the Civic Center Performance if we do this.
March 20 (Wednesday) Savoy Elks Lodge 903 North Dunlap Avenue Savoy, IL
 Call time 11:00am
Dance Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Notes: This is in Savoy which is 1.5 h away and during the day. Any home schooled and/or college students are especially desired at this function. Carpools can be arranged.
 A Few notes:
 Please remember, when we are out in public, the dancers and their parents are representing me. Please behave like the wonderful children (and the wonderful adults who raised the wonderful children) you are.
Please note that all of the performances marked “open to the public” are to be enjoyed by literally as many people as we can cram into a room to enjoy it. Invite friends, neighbors, aunties, uncles, and everyone else you can think of to come see us. We will have fan shirts available for purchase soon.
 If the performance is not marked “open to the public“, please reserve invitations to parents and siblings unless there is a special extenuating circumstance.
Please pay special attention to the places and times. We have a small but mighty group that dances. Be on time please. Ask if you need help please. Let me know if you’re not coming as soon as you know please.
This is going to be our greatest St. Patrick’s Day season yet. Small but Mighty IOE. 2019 is our year!