Summer Schedule

Isle Of Erin Dance Summer Schedule 2014

Some of you have been asking, so here is the summer schedule:

12:30-1:30 Pre Irish Dance%

1:30-3:30 private lessons, see me to schedule*

3:30-4:30 mommy and me*

4:30-5:30 Beginner 3%

5:30-6:30 intermediate*

6:30-8:30 competition or private lessons see me to schedule*

12:30-1:30 pre Irish%

1:30-2:30 beginner

2:30-3:30 beginner 1

3:30-4:30 beginner 2

4:30-5:30 beginner 3%

5:30-7 advanced

7:00-8:00 adult beginner*

Please note: The * times have been changed from the original times. The % classes have more than one time slot for dance classes. Please check to see which time slot is correct for you/your child.

I am posting this now so that everyone had time to figure out schedules and rides. Don’t forget, we are a community. There are other kids coming to the class at the same time. Car pooling guys!!!!