Isle of Erin Student and Parent Handbook

Isle of Erin mission:

To further appreciation, education and life skill devolvement of all students, with particular emphasis on Irish dancing as a cultural art form.

Isle of Erin Policies:

Class Placement:

All class placements will be determined on an individual basis by the instructor. Age requirements for classes are a guide line to insure maturity level and ability level, and are a guide line only. Any significant age range will be discussed with parents prior to class enrollment.

Class Change Policy:

A student may not change classes or class level without the express consent of the Studio Director. 


Isle of Erin reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any class due to increment weather, natural disaster or other emergencies.


There is a one-time per year registration fee for each student, expected to be paid upon registering. Tuition for the month is due on the first day of classes for each session. Tuition that is not paid by the second week of the month will be accrued a ten dollar late fee for each week tuition is late. Students having tuition three weeks late may be dismissed from enrollment at Isle of Erin.


No refunds will be given for missed classes. Students are encouraged to make up missed classes.

Make Up Lessons:

Make up lessons are to be discussed with instructor. Students must be paying tuition currently in order to be eligible for make-up lessons.


If class is canceled due to emergency or weather, parents will notified by our Twitter Account  and Facebook page.

Note: You do not have to have a twitter account in order to read our updates.



Students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis and be on time. Absences should be called in to the Studio.


Any student more than 10 minutes late will be rewarded a demerit. (Please see demerit system.)


Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:

Bullying, vulgar language, lewd and vulgar gestures, inappropriate conversation, bad attitude, etc.

The Studio reserves the right to punish or dismiss students who repeatedly misbehave.


Studio rules

To maintain a healthy instructing environment for students and parents, we ask everyone to follow these simple rules:

z  No gum.

z  No food or drink on the studio floor, students may only bring water to class (other foods and drinks are allowed in carpeted area only)

z  Students are responsible for their own garbage

z  All personal items should be stored properly and not left in the idle of the room for people to trip over

z  Any lost and found items left unclaimed after two weeks will be or disposed of

z  No street shoes on dance floor, a fine of five dollars will be accrued for every offense

z  Do not wear dance shoes outside the building unless you have permission

z  Modesty of dress and grooming are expected at every class

z  Students are expected to treat teachers and other students with respect, no exceptions


Demerit System

 Demerit system is as follows:

Students will be given demerits for the following reasons:

Speaking out of turn


Bad attitude



Any other inappropriate misbehaviors or actions that the instructor deems disruptive.

Students can accrue up to four demerits per class. After fours demerits are accrued the student will not only have to pay for the demerits, but also write a letter of apology to faculty and students of the Studio.

One Demerit is equal to fifteen change two threes at the end of class.

Students earning more than four demerits for more than three classes in a row will be excused.