March 2015 Performance Schedule

Friday March 6- Alzheimer’s Care Facility on University street Peoria, IL 6:30p dance 5:30p call.


Friday March 13- Saint Augustine Manor Peoria Illinois dance time 6:30p call time 5:30p.


Friday March 20th Rosewood nursing home in Peoria Illinois dance time 6:30p call time 5:30p.


Friday March 27th available for performance

Saturday March 7th available for performance


Saturday March 14th Saint Joseph home in Lacon Illinois dance time 2:30p call time 1:30p.


Saturday March 21st- Grand Victorian Assisted Care Facility Pekin, Illinois dance time 2:00p call time 1:00p


Saturday March 28th Saint claire nursing home Peoria Illinois dance time 2 o’clock call time 1 o’clock.


St Patrick’s Day. Erin would love to have as many dancers perform as possible. She realizes many kids will be in school on St. Patrick’s and leaves that decision up to each family. (When she was young her mom took her out because it was her “sport” and this was a big “game day”) You can attend the 6:30pm performance without doing the ones earlier in the day.

Tuesday March 17th Saint Patrick’s Day
Parade decorate float at 9 a.m.
Move into position at 10 a.m.
Step off for parade 11 o’clock a.m.

Paddy O Flaherty’s in in Morton Illinois
Perform 1:30 pm
Lunch about 4 o’clock p.m.
Perform 6:30 p.m.
Donnelly’s Irish pub Peoria Illinois
Perform 8:30pm.

The performance at Donnellys Irish pub in Peoria is for intermediate and advanced dancers only because of the small space.

Everyone who is in the parade and under the age of 10, and/or below the level of beginner 3 must ride in the float. Those children may not wear their costume. Instead they must wear the Isle of Erin t-shirt, or for champagne kids any plain royal blue t shirt. Children riding on the float may wear plain black pants, plain black capris or skirt depending on the weather that day. Last year it was freezing and I had hats and gloves that matched for every kid. If they destroyed them they just reimbursed me for them. The kids wore a plain black long sleeve t shirt as the layer underneath the blue just so that everyone looked uniform.

Anyone who is over the age of 10 and/or above the level of beginners 3, must wear their costume and march in the parade. These ladies must wear clothing underneath their costume to keep them warm they must have either plain black or plain white shoes to march in that are tennis shoes. They have the option of wearing either plain black, plain white or plain flesh colored tights or leggings underneath their dress. Last year I had several children layer leggings. Just make sure if you do that, that the top layer is black so that none of the loud colors leaked through. We are trying to look uniform and professional. If you have plain black shoes that have colored stripes on them or something like that, you can take black electrical tape and cover up the stripes for the parade. Every person that is female should be wearing a wig all ready to go in the parade. Children may wear sparkles and lip gloss and mascara if they are allowed by parents. The older children may wear makeup as long as they don’t look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show or a circus clown. Everyone must be wearing their leotard underneath everything they are wearing for the parade in case we have to change clothes in a hallway or somewhere that is public. Whining and complaining, as always, will not be tolerated. This is to be an enjoyable experience for the adults too. Make me proud!